Meet The Team

MagicQuote is the fastest way to get multiple quotes for car insurance and buy online all from a smartphone app. The company’s customers scan their driver’s license and the app pulls in data to automagically fill out the insurance application. MagicQuote then retrieves multiple quotes from
their carrier partners, all in 2-3 minutes or less. Users can then buy online or call into an agency to
purchase insurance.

The company is committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits, which is why MagicQuote plans to plant a tree for each user who signs up on the platform to help fight climate change.

Jon Ansell | MagicQuote CEO

MagicQuote CEO Jon Ansell’s extensive experience includes co-founding and leading the US division of Allianz Global Assistance and Jefferson Insurance Company, today a $900 million travel insurer and a top Richmond-area employer. He also was a co-founder and CEO of Fusion Company, a digital merchandising and optimization service that enhances sales for companies in the tourism, healthcare, and auto insurance industries.

He founded MagicQuote after trying to help his nephew compare rates on car insurance, and finding that often some of the best deals were not from the most recognizable brands. Jon is the co-founder and Chairman of the Friends of Wintergreen an organization, which is currently fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Nelson County, Virginia.
He drives a Chevy Volt, and you’ll know it’s him when you see the license plate LOL OPEC.

Mike Doerr – VP, Business Development

Before joining MagicQuote, Mike Doerr served as a leading political and non-profit consultant in Richmond, Virginia. His past clients have included causes that advocate for expanding computer science education in Virginia and working to end childhood hunger.

In his current role, he oversees the company’s social mission and communications, as he helps team MagicQuote plant our magic forest.

Nathan Purcell – Marketing Director

Nathan Purcell showcases a long history of entrepreneurial spirit having developed successful businesses in the finance, hardware, software and advertising categories. Nathan has developed multiple start up organizations from concept to national distribution, with a magician’s touch! He is also civic-minded having served on a board at POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing At Retail, where he was personally sponsored by former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr for his work in consumer privacy. Nathan is currently serving on the board of the DREAMFUND, the Disaster Relief of Employees in Advertising and Media.