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How To Hack Your Car Insurance Rate

How To Hack Your Car Insurance Rate

How To Hack Your Car Insurance Rate Jon Ansell the CEO of MagicQuote, the first mobile platform for comparing rates on car insurance and shopping online joins Enterprise Radio. Their company is focused on millennials, who they believe are getting a bad deal on insurance as a generation. Listen to host Eric Dye & Jon…


MagicQuote Supports The Friends At The James River Invasive Plant Task Force

MagicQuote launched on Earth Day Weekend 2018 as America’s first all-mobile apps designed save consumers time and money on car insurance and offset their vehicle’s carbon footprint. At MagicQuote we believe in the Triple Bottom Line, focusing our efforts on people and the planet. MagicQuote knows how important trees are to our environment. We are determined to not only help people save money and get…