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MagicQuote was designed to make big savings, super easy.

Built with you in mind, MagicQuote’s intelligent quoting system discovers and pre-fills the application with your personal information with a simple scan of your driver’s license. No more filling out hundreds of questions just to get an accurate quote!

Intelligent Scan

Insurance applications are long, really long. So we let you start by scanning your license. Then we securely fill it in for you.

Multiple Insurance Partners

We are not an insurance company, but we search several of them to find you the right insurance at the best price.

Multi Car/Multi Driver

Individual or family? One car or four? We’ll get you covered quickly and easily.

Save Time and Money

Saving time is great, but we get it, insurance is expensive. We’ll find you the best price for the policy you choose.

Continuous Rate Shopping

We don’t stop at finding you a great quote. We monitor things like age & address changes and expiring moving violations to let you know when you can save some money!

Digital Wallet

We’ll help you keep track of things like your policy information, vehicle identification numbers and more. Think of us as your phone’s glovebox.

Purchase A Policy, Plant A Tree, Save The Planet

Why Choose MagicQuote?

MagicQuote makes finding your best deal on car insurance epically easy. Just Install, Scan and Shop!

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