5 Must-Haves for an Eco-Friendly Beach Trip! 🏖 #beachtrip2019 #beach #ecofriendly #saveourplanet

5 Must-Haves for an Eco-Friendly Beach Trip

5 Must-Haves for an Eco-Friendly Beach Trip! 

5 Must-Haves for an Eco-Friendly Beach Trip

Summer is in full swing and the first thing that pops into our heads about summer is BEACH TRIPS! We can’t wait for the warm sun, laying around in the sand, and the sounds of the ocean waves.

We know that preparing for a trip to the beach takes some effort… and may not be eco-friendly. So we’ve found this great article that outlines 5 eco-friendly items to add to your beach trips to make the perfect trip!

1. Sustainable Beach Bag

A big bag is essential when you’re headed to the beach. You’ll need a large one to carry the things on this list, plus any other must-haves. Opt for a lightweight one to make trips to and from the car or house easier. Consider bags with a waterproof lining to prevent irreparable damage in case it comes in contact with water. At the beach, that’s pretty likely to happen.

2. Mineral Sunscreen

There are so many sunscreen products on the market — choosing one is daunting. Sunscreens fall into two categories, both with vastly different environmental effects.

3. Slip-On Shoes

Washable shoes? Yes, please. Even better, these ones are made from recycled, single-use plastic bottles. Rothy’s has diverted 30 million of them from the landfill in the past three years. The finished product is a stylish, timeless shoe suitable for almost any occasion (including the beach).

4. Wooden Sunglasses

Perhaps the number one danger at the beach is the harsh sun. The sun’s rays can dry out and damage your skin, hair, and even your eyes. Sun protection is the key. Protect your pretty peepers with sunglasses. And while you’re at it, make your eyewear eco-friendly.

Opt for sunglasses made from sustainably-sourced materials instead of environmentally-devastating plastic. Look for ones made with recycled material and/or biodegradable wood or bamboo.

5. Recycled Beach Towel

A day at the beach almost always means swimming. When the inevitable happens, dry off with a sustainable towel from Nomadix. As their website says, “One towel. Any activity.” Their towels are suitable for the beach, camping, yoga, and travel, which means you don’t need to own a lot of different towels for different activities.

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