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Green Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Green Gift Ideas for Valentine’s DayGreen Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are the kind of person who loves Valentine’s Day and can’t wait to figure out new, creative ways to show your loved one you care or you’re the kind of person who wants to do something for Valentine’s Day, but maybe has run out of fresh ideas. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Even if you’re not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day, or don’t have anyone you really want to shower with gifts, we’ve got something for you, too.

These Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation in a green and eco-friendly way. Remember, you don’t have to simply do a store-bought card, cut flowers and a box of chocolates. Try one of these ideas to green up your Valentine’s Day:

Gift a Potted Plant Instead of Flowers

With this gift, we’re going for beauty and longevity. Instead of paying a fortune for cut flowers (and we know these can get pretty costly sometimes), how about gifting a potted plant. You might even want to choose one that helps clean the air. These houseplants clean the air and they’re almost impossible to kill, which is perfect for those whose thumbs aren’t necessary a bright shade of green.

Opt for Vintage Not New

Start by going to local thrift stores, vintage shops or antique malls to see what you can find. In many instances, unique treasures can be found in places like these. Besides, a vintage gift tends to be much more personal. Maybe you can find a Victorian locket for your sweetheart, a vintage watch for the man of your dreams, or some classic picture frames and quotes to show how much you care.

Choose to Dine In Rather Than Out on the Town

Dining out is nice on occasion, but if you really want to have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, choose to dine in rather than out on the town. Make your loved one’s favorite meal or a new dish he or she is bound to love.

Going Out? Walk Instead of Drive

For those who are planning to stay at home, end your night with a nice walk under the stars. It’s quite romantic, relaxing and allows you to get some fresh air, as well as a little exercise.

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Pamper in an Organic, DIY Type of Way

If being pampered is what your loved one would enjoy, put together an organic, homemade pampering kit as your Valentine’s Day gift instead of store-bought spa treatments or a gift card for a spa day.

Not Celebrating Valentine’s Day? We’ve Got A Green Idea for You Too

If you’re not into celebrating Valentine’s Day, or you celebrate your loved one yearlong, then how about doing a random act of kindness on February 14th? Make someone else’s Valentine’s Day. Why? Because you can.

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