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Essential eco-friendly fixtures to incorporate into your home

Eco-Friendly Fixtures For Your Home

Essential eco-friendly fixtures to incorporate into your home

We are always looking for ways to help you reduce your carbon footprint! That is why with every policy purchased with us, we plant a tree helping you offset your car’s carbon footprint.

What about your home? Well, we’ve found easy to make changes that are eco-friendly and may help offset your carbon footprint!

Water Costs

WaterSense, a federal program sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency provides information about the most water-efficient fixtures for your home. Look for a label that indicates the device has met the strict restrictions certified by an independent testing facility for the best water conservation and lowest water costs.

Look into aerating faucet heads. By forcing air through the system it provides good water pressure while using less water!

Replace standard toilets with low flow models. Here’s the breakdown: it provides two flushing options. One for solid waste and one for liquid waste that uses 1/3 the amount of water.

Invest in low flow showerheads. Showerheads that are equipped with a laminar-flow shower head that feeds individual beads of water through the holes, allows less water flow overall.


Install light switches with dimmers, thus allowing you to set the bulb at a lower output level. A lower output means lower consumption! Timers are also useful for forgetful minds. With the light fixture switches, keep in mind the bulbs can also make a huge impact on the amount of energy consumed. Opt-in for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Not only do they require less energy they also last 3-25 times longer. What an efficient switch!

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