Ultimate Green Guide to Christmas Home Décor

The Ultimate Green Guide to Christmas Home Décor

Ultimate Green Guide to Christmas Home Décor

The Ultimate Green Guide to Christmas Home Décor


With Christmas fast approaching there are plenty of details to consider – from planning a busy schedule to buying gifts and keeping your guests happy. So how do you manage all of this and have a stylish and elegant home throughout the holidays?

Here is a guide we’ve found in creating paired back, elegant decor for your home this yuletide period.

Clear out old decorations

Start to clear out old decorations before you even think about your color scheme. Get rid of any decorations that have seen better days and give ornaments that you’re keeping a thorough clean. Fairy lights have a shelf life and can stop working if just one bulb malfunctions. Make sure to check all the lights before decorating the tree to save time later.

Go neutral and natural

The neutral base color for your decorations will mean you can make changes each year without having to start completely from scratch. Natural materials will add a Nordic feel, making your home extra cozy.

Carefully select your Christmas tree

A natural tree can be the perfect centerpiece for the festive season. However, 8 million trees are felled and most end up in the landfill just a few weeks later. As trees are biodegradable and can be turned into wood chips, it is possible to avoid this, however many aren’t willing to take their tree to be recycled. Make sure to research where you can recycle your tree in your local area before opting for a real tree.

Au natural gift wrap

Make gifts a part of minimalist decor by using environmentally friendly parcel paper and adding simple touches such as sprigs of evergreen to decorate. The gifts will look far more chic than when wrapped in patterned paper and the wrapping will be fully biodegradable as well.

Make the dining table a focal point

Use crisp white linens, natural decorations, and beautiful crockery to create a paired back, elegant look to draw the attention of your guests. Avoiding plastic cutlery and paper plates and only using reusable items will make your table both more elegant and kinder on the environment.

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