4 Essential Steps to the Best Fall Skin Care Routine

4 Essential Steps to the Best Fall Skin Care Routine

4 Essential Steps to the Best Fall Skin Care Routine4 Essential Steps to the Best Fall Skin Care Routine

Ready or not, the fall season is here, and we are faced with the not only the drastic changes with the weather but changes with our skin as well. With fading tans come blotchy skin, uneven complexion and dry patches. Don’t panic, you don’t have to toss your current products in the trash. Simply adding a few key skincare essentials to your normal routine will do just the trick!

Exfoliate your way to smooth skin.

To help keep skin clear, smooth and supple exfoliating is a must! Do your skin a favor and find a scrub with a purpose. Some scrubs can do more harm than good by scratching the epidermis and cause excessive dryness. Don’t settle for just any scrub, use a microdermabrasion scrub or a fine-textured scrub which helps exfoliate skin’s surface while removing dead skin cells. A good natural exfoliator could contain ingredients such as Dead Sea salt and essential oils that help to gently buff, soften and nourish skin at the same time.

Double cleansing is in.

Still, have a decent amount of your current cleanser leftover? Don’t worry about it going to waste, just add a cleansing facial oil to your regimen. First, use the cleansing oil on dry skin, rinse and then follow up with your current cleanser. This technique is called double cleansing, which helps to nourish, hydrate and prevent stripping the skin of its healthy moisture.

Tone your skin.

Next, follow-up with a gentle, alcohol-free toner that contains ingredients such as glycolic acid, rooibos, and hyaluronic acid. These pro-moisture ingredients can help keep your complexion fresh and dewy. Now your skin is prepped and ready to be moisturized.

Moisturizing is key!

During summer, it’s common to use a lighter moisturizer or even just a serum. If you cannot part ways with your current beloved moisturizer, try adding in a face oil. A few drops of a nutrient-rich facial oil containing ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil or seabuckthorn oil can help give your skin the hydration-boost and protection it needs. The great thing about a good facial oil is that it can be multi-purpose. Pro-tip: use a facial oil from head to toe and even in your hair for an added boost of shine and hydration.

Now that fall has made its grand entrance, simply switching up your skin care regimen will help to better protect and pamper your skin. Don’t let the fall season keep you hiding indoors. Maintain your beautiful natural glow all season long.

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