Green Grocery: How To Shop To Support the Environment

Green Grocery: How To Shop To Support the Environment
Green Grocery: How To Shop To Support the Environment


1. Find the Right Place To Shop

  • Shop close to home. Carbon emissions are a major offender when it comes to environmental concerns, so finding a market you can walk or bike to is one of the best ways to support the environment while you shop. If you have to drive, find a local retail environment as close to home as possible. Similarly, try not to make special trips to the grocery store. Instead, plan to swing by on your way to or from work. Combining multiple errands in one trip will improve your fuel (and time!) efficiency.

2. Green Your Shopping List

  • Products with labels like B Corp, the cruelty-free leaping bunny, and USDA Organic are great places to start because there’s accountability for how those products are produced.
  • For packaged products, reduce waste by making sure the packaging is recyclable — or, better yet, compostable!
  • Finding the right retailer gives you a head start in this department, too, as natural retailers will have their own process for sourcing quality, natural products.

3. Green Your Shopping Practices

  • Buy in bulk. One of the biggest ways to reduce waste in shopping is to buy in bulk. Food and packaging together account for almost 45 percent of American landfills and even if you’re recycling your weekly cereal box, that cardboard really adds up! Many stores allow customers to bring their own containers to reuse for bulk items. Others may offer particular containers that you are allowed to bring back. Cutting out packaging by purchasing larger quantities of food at once in reusable containers makes a huge difference.
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