Just How Green Can Moving Home Be?

Just How Green Can Moving Home Be?

Just How Green Can Moving Home Be?

Just How Green Can Moving Home Be?


We hope these tips will help you see how easy it is to implement easy eco-friendly methods during your move.

We all know moving is a big task, and eco-friendliness is not high on the list of priorities if present at all! Besides, dragging all your earthly possessions to a new location goes pretty hard on the Mother Nature. Just take into account the fuel you need to consume, and the amount of stuff you are going to toss. It all adds up quickly, so let’s come up with a plan to mitigate the negative effects and diminish the carbon footprint.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

One of the main objectives is to reduce the number of resources spent and waste generated during the move. This is something that has a positive effect on the planet, but also your budget. So, instead of just getting rid of stuff and sending it to the landfill:

  • recycle and repurpose it

Packing the GREEN way

Take your time to figure out the packing schedule, and tool up!

  • Ditch the bubble wrap, tape, and packing peanuts
  • Instead, take advantage of hard, reusable plastic containers and storage boxes

Logistics details

Organizing the logistics is one of the most pressing matters. You should strive to minimize delays and waste during the whole process.

  • Pay attention to time management and fuel economy
  • You can also try to hire a company that uses low-emission trucks, recycled storage, and other sustainable products

A clean slate

Mind your approach to cleaning the old home. We tend to use too many harsh chemical cleaners that bring toxins and carcinogens into our life. Well, this is simply unacceptable and poses a great health risk.

What is more, we have various natural alternatives available: lemon, baking soda, vinegar, and ammonia. In combination with water, they can make short work of all dirty surfaces and allow you to witness the environmentally-friendly sparkle. Try to be a more conscious consumer. Continue with your green practices in your new abode as well.

Turn a new leaf

I know that there are many moving parts at play here, but do not overlook the environmental impact of your move. A low-impact replication requires quite a bit of planning, but as you have seen, it is more than worth it. So, take active measures to make your move as green as possible. Recycle, repurpose, and donate the excess stuff. Avoid producing waste and carbon emissions. Handle packing and transportation with energy-efficiency and sustainability in mind. Finally, do not let it stop there. Commit to building a new eco-friendly lifestyle in your new home. Get yourself a fresh do-over.

Purchase a policy with MagicQuote

As you know you’ve increased your carbon footprint during this move. Did you know that for every policy purchased with us we plant a tree because trees are able to absorb over 4 tons to carbon? We help offset our users carbon footprint and together we can save the planet!

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