How To Get A Car Loan! (International Students & Expats)

Young woman driver using touch screen smartphone

How To Get A Car Loan! (International Students & Expats) 

Young woman driver using touch screen smartphone

Purchasing a car is a long-term investment, it is not a purchase to be made hastily. You want to make sure you will be able to maintain the car payments as well as maintain the necessary cost of said vehicle such as car maintenance and of course a mandatory product: car insurance. We at MagicQuote understand the abundance of options and how it could confuse the consumers choice. We also know the struggles of finding great car insurance all too well.


It always starts off like this. You begin with entering in pages and pages of information. Entering your driver’s license information, then your personal information, and lastly your vehicle information before even getting a sight of quotes. This lengthy process is not enjoyable nor is it efficient.


Our Solution? MagicQuote! It’s an app created by us where we’ve expedited the process of shopping and comparing for auto insurance. It uses an intelligent scanning system to pre-fill your data from scanning the back of your driver’s license. We then invest in our customers and help pre-fill their application, so they can save time and save money. Using our intelligent scanning system, you also have the ability to scan your VIN straight from your vehicle to pre-fill information on your vehicle. Shop for auto insurance up to 4 vehicles! After completing the application, you are then able to compare car insurance from different carriers and find the rate the best fits your budget.


Now operating a certain lifestyle without a car can be difficult, not only are you limited in participating in certain activities. Your job opportunities may be limited due to the lack of transportation you possess. While public transportation can help it can’t offer the flexibility of owning your own vehicle and creating your own schedule.


What if you don’t have a credit history to get a car loan?


Our solution? LendBuzz! They are lenders for expatriate (expats) and international students who look beyond credit scores to provide car loans at fair rates.

LendBuzz believes that no one should have to endure the struggles of being without a vehicle; especially people who have immigrated to the United States.

The process always starts with getting your credit checked. Your credit score is pretty important when getting a loan.  Higher the credit scores the lower your car loan rate can be which will help save you money on interest. However, what if you’ve just moved to the states and your credit score is non-existent?

LendBuzz understands that people who are new to the United States haven’t had ample time to build their credit history yet and is able to help expats & international students get the better rate that they deserve. The process is quick and easy where you’ll be pre-qualified in 5 minutes! Save time and get a great car loan. Lendbuzz takes into consideration an applicant’s savings, education, and employment history in order to provide loans without checking credit.

How does the process work? Head over to their website!  The entire loan process is performed online. No credit check, SSN or co-signer required. While moving to the U.S. can be difficult, getting a car loan doesn’t have to be especially with the help of LendBuzz.

Remember, once you got the car of your dreams, protect yourself and your car by using MagicQuote to shop, compare, and save on your car insurance.

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