Meet Uncle Jon, Insurance Hacker

Hi. I’m Jon Ansell. I’ve started and run national insurance companies for more than 20 years. That’s why I offered to help my 21 year old nephew buy auto insurance for his first car, a used Honda Accord.

I haven’t shopped for car insurance in 20 years. Like most “Boomers”, I have an agent down the street who has been handling our car and home insurance this for years. So I was curious about how a younger consumer might do it and went shopping for him online, where most folks go nowadays.

“Give us 15 minutes and we’ll save you 15%”, says the commercial. But that’s for just one insurance company. After painfully spending 15 minutes on each of a dozen or more insurers and so-called comparison sites — typing and retyping answers to a 40+ questions from companies like GEICO, Progressive, Liberty Mutual and others, I found the results shocking!

Sticker Shock Of The Worst Kind

1) Insurance prices were all over the proverbial lot. The difference between the lowest and highest insurance carrier was 3x. For the same car, same driver, same coverage.

2) The lowest priced insurance company was not one of the major brands everyone knows, but an excellent company with great financial and consumer ratings but no TV commercials.

3) In all cases the price of my nephew’s auto insurance was more than his car payments! Something I have since learned is not unusual for younger car owners.

That’s why I’ve decided to help out my nephew’s generation find an easy way to get their best car insurance. I’ll expose the dirty secrets and ways you can to get the best deals. I’ll answer your questions. I’ll give you insider secrets to hack the system honestly and legally.

It’s like having an uncle in the insurance business. Just call me Uncle Jon.

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